Yet Another WP Framework

An Introduction to Beans: A Free Light-Weight WordPress Theme Framework

Beans is a brand new free and open source WordPress theme framework which uses the UIKit front-end framework and is designed to help you build light-weight, fast and responsive WordPress themes.

It works responsively out of the box with a mobile-first approach, it will resize your content and also determines and serves up the correct image sizes for your device. They have streamlined the usage of the UIKit framework so it will only load the required components for each page as needed, this keeps page size down and makes your site load faster – in addition, all assets are combined into one file which is minified and cached on a per page basis.

Like other frameworks such as Genesis, it works on the child theme model, meaning you install the main framework theme and then customize it by adding a child theme which contains your custom code and styling – features are added using the Beans API or from the growing code snippets library.

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