Better information layout (Sports)

This post on a more minimalist information design (using the Texas Rangers website as an example) exemplifies why I started this blog.  I came across it some months ago while browsing and thought it interesting.  Now, as I look to move the Friends of Stuyvesant Baseball website into WordPress I wanted to find it again and see if there was anything that would be useful to me.  Thankfully I remembered that the writer was a Texas Rangers fan and a search on “texas rangers website redesign” found it as the first listing.  But with this blog I now have a place to stash interesting things so I can find them a bit more easily when I want them.

Version control with git and Dropbox

Easy Version Control: Git on DropboxEdinburgh Hacklab

The problem: you need to share files with people on an ad hoc basis for a project.

One choice is sharing files with Dropbox. On the plus side of Dropbox is it’s ease of use, however, there is a drawback that if you work on the same files you get “My conflicted copy of x” spawning everywhere and making a mess. If you are coding you will trip over other author’ changes.

To work around that problem you need version control. But that can come with baggage. You’ll need a server to run a git/svn/cvs (infrastructure), or a project on GitHub/sourceforge/google code (open source requirement, or pro account). Some projects don’t have these resources or freedoms, so they do without version control, but there is another way…

Read the whole thing…

Manually updating Java

There is a Java exploit out in the wild right now and Only 9 of 22 virus scanners block Java exploit.

Oracle released an emergency update (java version 7 update 7) yesterday evening (Aug 30, 2012).

This is how I manually updated my Java runtime on a windows 7 64 bit machine

  • run C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe (note: use the control panel for the latest version your have installed on your system — on my windows 7 32 bit system it’s in C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe)
  • click on the “Update” tab (second from the left)
  • click on the “Update Now” button (bottom right)
  • wait for the installer to load/ click on the obvious next buttons / make sure to uncheck whatever junk they want to install on your system (e.g. Ask toolbar, McAfee Security Scan Plus, etc.)
  • wait while it installs, click on the “Close” button and Bob’s your uncle.

Who controls your data?

Deadbook, the Long-term Facebook

To combat some of these ‘chilling effects’ (to put it mildly) Facebook has a procedure they call memoralization, this will limit the access to facebook pages to ‘confirmed friends’. Eventually those will pass away too and the moment when facebook’s last friend-of-a-friend passes away would be the moment the profile has finally lost value for facebook.   So presumably, that’s the moment they’ll finally remove your browsing history, and that silly photo of you passed out drunk after the party.

Dave Winer is writing extensively about this issue see, for example “The web is socialist, but it’s not a family“.